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Medical Marijuana

Step 1. Do I have a Qualifying Condition for Medical Marijuana in Maryland?

The first step in becoming a registered medical marijuana patient in Maryland is having one of the qualifying conditions. The state has approved the use of medical marijuana for the following conditions and ailments:

  • Cachexia

  • Anorexia

  • Glaucoma

  • Wasting Syndrome

  • Severe Pain

  • Severe Nausea (including that caused by other medications for conditions)

  • Seizures

  • Severe or persistent muscle spasms

  • Post-traumatic stress disorder

  • Chronic Pain

  • Any condition that is severe, for which other medical treatments have been ineffective, and if the symptoms “reasonably can be expected to be relieved” by the medical use of Cannabis.

Step 2. Register as a patient with Maryland Medical Cannabis Commission (MMCC)

If you have one of the conditions listed above, you may now begin your registration through the Maryland Medical Cannabis Commission (MMCC). This must be done in order for your doctor (provider) to recommend medical cannabis to you. Below is the link to register as a medical marijuana patient.

For patients over the age of 18, simply fill out the online registration and proceed to step 2. There are two guides written by the state for clarification to ensure smooth registration and approval:

For patients under the age of 18, a caregiver must be assigned to their account at all times. A caregiver is a parent or a legal guardian over the age of 21. The caregiver must register them via the link above first, before the patient may be registered to the caregiver. Additionally, the caregiver must perform the following steps in order for the minor to acquire a medical marijuana certification:

  • Proof of caregiver’s relationship to patient (birth or adoption certificate or court order)

  • Notarized Minor Patient Form

  • Caregiver ID card (caregivers must purchase an ID card to visit a dispensary on behalf of the patient)

Below two guides are written by the state for clarification to ensure smooth registration and approval:

Step 3. Obtain a written certification from a provider registered with the Commission

The third step is getting a written certification from a doctor who is a registered provider in the state’s database. Again, you must register on the above website before your provider can recommend medical marijuana through Maryland’s registry. Note that this certification will expire if it is not used within 120 days of issue.  This is where you schedule your appointment with our office.

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